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Where did everybody go? A lazy Sunday at Sarah’s Vineyard.

January 16, 2012

I know.  I know.

Sundays tend to be pretty quiet… for many a reason.

Fridays and Saturdays are meant for staying up late.  For going all out.

I get it.

Sundays are all about rest… recovery… relaxation.

You’ve got to recharge for the work week.

Sundays are meant for TV’s and burritos.

But not this Sunday.

Not in the middle of the weekend when we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Not when we have Monday off.

Not all of us.

Not most of us.

But many of us.

At least more than usual.

Not on a clear day in the mid sixties in the middle of January.

On days like this, you must go wine tasting.

You must.

How else are you going to celebrate life… That, and a Forty Niner victory.

So, when Kara and I showed up to Sarah’s Vineyard in Gilroy, I just had to wonder…


Where did everybody go? A lazy day at Sarah's Vineyard.

When we walked through the doors of the tasting room at Sarah’s Vineyard, we were shocked to discover that we were the only guests there.

At one o’clock.

On a Sunday.

During a three-day weekend.

When the wine is this good!

Here’s how it went down…

Sarah’s Vineyard 2010 Jour de Joie:

This is a very clean white Rhone blend of Roussanne, Marsanne, and Grenache Blanc.  Nice floral notes, with a touch of oak.  A bit oily, but in a good way.  Give it an 86+.

One thing that’s neat about the location of Sarah’s Vineyard is that straddles both the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley appellations.  Both growing their own grapes, and sourcing from nearby vineyards, they have the ability to display the microclimatic influences of fruit that is grown just a few miles apart.  This is never more true when we were able to compare two of their current Chardonnays.

Sarah’s Vineyard 2009 Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay:

This Chardonnay has some good red apple and asian pear fruit, rounded out by lemon-flavored acidity and custard.  A food-friendly wine that can stand on its own.  87+


Sarah's Vineyard 2009 Central Coast Chardonnay

Sarah’s Vineyard 2009 Central Coast Chardonnay:

In contrast with the Santa Cruz Mountains effort, this Central Coast Chardonnay is a citrus-driven wine.  Think grapefruit juice and orange zest.  There is a beautiful, creamy finish to this one.  Give it a solid 88.

Sarah’s Vineyard 2008 Cote de Madone:

A Silver Medal winner in the 2011 SF Chronicle Wine Competition, one could consider the Cote de Madone Rhone blend to be their flagship wine.  This blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignane, and Counoise brings a dark red to purple color to the glass.  There is a huge nose of cherry and leather.  The palate is loaded with dark fruit, spice, and a rich, meaty finish.  Good stuff!  89


Sarah's Vineyard 2007 Fifty Fifty

Sarah’s Vineyard 2007 Fifty Fifty:

Sometimes, you don’t have to over-complicate wine.  Sometimes you just do an even blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and let the fruit speak for itself.  This wine is simple.  This wine is reserved.  This wine has depth.  Cherries and blueberries up front give way to a long finish of leather and spice.  The subtle use of oak allows the Santa Clara Valley to speak to your palate.  My palate likes what it hears.  89+

Sarah’s Vineyard 2007 Santa Cruz Mountains Merlot:

A great nose of soil and chocolate.  The palate is dominated by juicy dark cherries and fine tannins.  A very nice cool-climate Merlot.  89

To finish off our flight, our server poured us something special…


Sarah's Vineyard 2007 Nuits d'Enfer... Yeah... It's special.


Say it with me... "New-Ee Dawn-Fair!"

Sarah’s Vineyard 2007 Nuits d’Enfer:

Have you ever “painted the town red”?  That’s what it means when a French dude talks about the “Nights of Hell” (the literal translation of Nuits d’Enfer).  This red wine is mainly Merlot, with a touch of Charbono and Cabernet Sauvignon.  There is a BIG hit of blue and black fruit on this nose.  On the palate, the wine is powdery fine with its tannic structure.  Good blueberry fruit gives way to tobacco and spice.  At 20 bucks, this is a great wine if you plan on tying one on… Or… if you just wanna taste something really good.  You should get this.  90+

We had a great time as Sarah’s Vineyards, and you will too.

Lazy Sundays be damned.

Stay Rad,



Bundled up in Gilrory. Music by Naked in Vegas.

June 18, 2011

Sarah's Vineyard is in Gilroy... but not really.

On Friday, Kara and I decided to head over to Sarah’s Vineyard in Gilroy.  Sarah’s is a small winery, tucked into the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The breezy climate makes it perfect for Burgundian and Rhone varietals.  I am a big fan of their light style of wine making.

The reason for the trip was to attend their Summer Music Series.  They have a neat patio and lawn area where different local bands will come to play.  The tasting room stays open late to sell their wines by the bottle to enjoy with the music.  You can bring your own picnic, or buy something to eat from whichever catering company is there (it changes from week to week).

Kara and I brought homemade Brie Paninis with Mango Chutney, Turkey (for me), and Spinach.  We also bought a bottle of the Sarah’s Vineyard 2006 Central Coast Pinot Noir for $15.

Sarah's Vineyard 2006 Central Coast Pinot Noir and Kara's foot 2011.

Color:  This Pinot had a cloudy dull red color.  You could recreate that color by mashing a bunch of over-ripe roma tomatoes into a paste and adding water and a pinch of dirt.  I know that doesn’t sound very appetizing, but I must say it looked fantastic.  See…

Tomatoes and Dirt and Awesome!

Nose:  There was a nice whiff of smoke, butter, and pepper.  As I took a bit more in, I noticed a rubbery cola aroma.  Nice!

Taste:  This Pinot Noir had a very meaty and buttery taste on the palate, rounded out with a touch of cherry cola.  On the finish, a touch of cranberry and walnuts became present.

I really liked this wine.  I also appreciate that Sarah’s did not jack up their prices for the event.  I give it a solid 87.

As the sun began to set, the wind really started to pick up. It got hella cold, hella quick.  The cover band, Naked in Vegas, was alright.  They were not, however, good enough to keep our cold asses at the vineyard after we had finished our bottle of Pinot Noir.

Naked in Vegas? More like bundled up in Gilroy!

Don’t worry, Sarah’s Vineyard, we will be back.

Stay Rad,


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