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The Wine in My Glass

March 28, 2015

I’ve been drinking a lot of my wine out of tumblers these days…

Case in point.

For me, the tumbler represents a relaxed vibe.

Yes.  I know that there is a difference in your abilities to perceive aromas and flavors when drinking vessels are switched up, but sometimes wine ain’t about all that.

Sometimes you just want to sit back on your patio with some good food, wine, and company… and just enjoy the moment.

Ferrari-Carano 2013 Fume Blanc

Ferrari-Carano 2013 Fume Blanc

Thank you for the food, Safeway.

Thank you for the wine, Ferrari-Carano.

Thank you, Parker, for going to bed early so your mom and I could enjoy this beautiful evening.

Tumble on, baby.

Stay Rad,


 What’s your spring time patio wine?  Who are you sharing it with?  Leave a comment, and let us know.

Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 145: Vitiano on Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2014

In this episode, Jeff and Parker take a break from playtime to review this wine…

Wine Tasted:


Vitiano 2012 Red Wine

Stay Rad,


What’s the best random find you’ve come across at a liquor store?  Leave a comment, and let us know.

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