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Sake it to me! The happiest birthday.

October 26, 2011

Today is my birthday.

Today, I turn 33 years old.

Remember how awesome birthdays were when you were a kid?

Do you really remember the feeling?

Do you remember thinking your birthday was a holiday?

Do you remember thinking that there were no rules that applied to you?

I do.

The older I get (and I know you feel the same way), the less important I know my birthday is in the grand scheme of things.  I don’t really bother to set up birthday parties for myself anymore.  I don’t really care to plant the seed in people’s minds when my birthday comes near.

If you know it’s my birthday, and you wish me a happy one… cool.

If you had no clue, and you treated me the way you always do… cool too.

At the end of this day… my birthday… I’m still the same person I was yesterday (and will be tomorrow).


There is a neat little side effect of the explosion of social media.

Everyone knows when it’s your birthday.  Everyone.

I was very stoked by how many people took time out of their day to send me well wishes on my Facebook wall today.  It took each of them a matter of seconds, but it made my day.  So to all my friends who I have not yet thanked directly, you will be hearing from me soon.  I love you all.

As a birthday treat, Kara took me over to my favorite sushi restaurant (CreAsian).  Here are a few highlights from tonight…

Hot miso soup and cold Yaegaki Sake.

The Yaegaki Sake was served slightly chilled. The color was clear as the dickens. The wine was full-bodied with that caramel flavor that drives me bananas.

Kara and I shared some dope Sashimi Tacos. Sweet. Sour. Umami. Oh mommy!

As far as birthday meals go, this was the happiest.

If only I had something to eat for dessert…

Good thing I'm a teacher... I was hearing "Happy birthday Mr. Solomon!" all day long. Kool-Aid and Reese's make the perfect nighttime snack.

Stay Rad,



Two wines. Two days. Can you dig it?

July 11, 2011

Sometimes, you decant a Trader Joe’s 2010 Grower’s Reserve Zinfandel for 3 hours.

Sometimes, that’s a bad idea.

Sometimes, you use the word “sometimes” at the beginning of a sentence, to set a mood.

Trader Joe's 2010 Grower's Reserve Zinfandel. Sometimes, you just gotta.

Look.  We got this Paso Robles zinfandel on Sunday afternoon for $4.99.  Kara asked if she should decant it.  I was like, “Sure”.  She popped it and poured it into the decanter.  Then I looked at my watch.

It was 2 o’clock.

We weren’t planning on having dinner until 5 at the earliest.

Listen.  I know that it never hurts to decant a wine.  It always helps.  Many times I’ll leave a bottle open overnight, and see improvement the next day.

But if you don’t know the wine…  It’s structure…  How it changes….  If you’re not sure about how it will last…  I would never go longer than an hour.

Eventually, all wines will fall apart.  The better the wine, the longer it takes for that to happen.

Do you feel me?

After making a T-Joe’s type of dinner, I sat down to try the wine.

BBQ pulled chicken w/ dijon broccoli slaw. Montel Jordan would be all, "Shadadada dap dabadahhhh. This is how we do it!"

Color:  This wine was straight purple.  When pouring it into the glass, I noticed that it was almost a light pink.

Nose:  Dusty strawberries and wood.  Hmmmmm.

Taste:  Jammy fruit.  There were these mouth-coating smooth tannins, a sharp cranberry, and a touch of cherry fruit roll-up.  Not bad.

But then…

I started diving into the food…

The dish I made was quite sweat in nature.  A Texas style, if you will.  After going back to the wine, the sweetness of the BBQ wiped out the jammy fruit.  What was left of the wine was this unpleasant acidity.  I figured that maybe it was just a bad food pairing, but after the meal, I went back to the wine and all I could taste was that same hollow gross acidity.

Score:  I was gonna give it an 86, but had to change it to an 84.

Sometimes, decanting is a good thing.

Sometimes, food and wine go together.

Sometimes, a wine falls apart on you.

Sometimes, food reveals flaws.

Shall we move on?

Today, Kara whipped together a really neat looking and tasting dinner…

Tabouleh cucumber romaine split and a simple salad w/ goat cheese. Pee Wee Herman would be all, "Mmmmmmm. Vegetably."

With it, she served up the Bruzzone 2009 Estate Chardonnay from the Santa Cruz Mountains.  This wine was a gift from Thevegetarians for Kara’s birthday, so I didn’t bother looking up the price (that’s rude).  I’m sure you can find out how much it was by clicking the link on the wine.

Bruzzone 2009 Estate Chardonnay next to some balls.

Color:  Light gold.  This wine looks like chardonnay.

Nose:  Pear.  Apple.  Petrol.  Toast.  Not bad.

Taste:  The first thing I noticed was the mouthfeel.  This wine is THICK!  Very viscous.  It’s almost oily.  Also… this wine is a spicy oak bomb.  There are nice notes of apple and peach.  Like the zin from yesterday, I’m also noticing a fruit roll-up flavor in there.  There is a little custard on this wine.

This is a BIG chardonnay.  Almost too big, but not.

It did not pair well with the tabouleh.  I would love to try it with some vanilla ice cream.

Score:  I’m not going to give this wine a score, since it was a gift.  I did like it, however.  If I were going to score it, I’d give it an 87.

So there you have it.

Two wines in two days.

Sometimes, that’s how I roll.

Stay Rad,


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