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Wine Folly and Explosions on the We Like Drinking Podcast

September 3, 2015


That was a treat.

On Wednesday night, we recorded an extra special episode of the We Like Drinking Podcast featuring the one and only Madeline Puckette of

Here’s a picture that Madeline posted on Instagram, showing off the Albarino she was drinking on the show.

The show, which was broadcast live on YouTube (to view the video click here then here… or just watch the embedded videos bellow), was a friggin’ one hour forty minute blast… in spite of the mid-show computer explosion.

There was plenty of talk about the new Wine Folly book, the Reno wine bar scene, smoke taint, carbon dating, and the vine cutting attached to the wine I was drinking…


Cantina Zaccagnini 2012 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo… with twig.

You’ve gotta give this episode a listen.  Here’s the link.

Stay Rad,


PS – Oh yeah, here are the videos of the broadcast…

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