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Let’s have a “Menage a Trois”: The Stay Rad Interactive Wine Tasting Series Vol. 1

October 5, 2011

So, there I was.  Just making some vegetarian chili…

Then it came to me…

We should have a Menage a Trois!

Not just me…


Hear me out…

I was at the ol’ Wal-Mart today, and took a quick peek at their wine selection.  It’s not the best.  Actually, it’s not much of anything.  But what Wal-Mart does have going for itself is that the prices are reasonable.  Plus… If you can find a wine at Wal-Mart, you can find it anywhere.

I picked this one up today for $7.97…

Folie a Deux 2009 Menage a Trois California Red Wine - It's about time!

Now, I’ve had this wine before.  Odds are, so have you.  According to an article on, Menage a Trois topped the list of 30 wines with the most momentum in 2009 (according to the IRI marketing group).

So, I was thinking…

Why don’t we have a Menage a Trois?

All of us!

Think about it…

You can find this wine everywhere, and it’s hella cheap.

What I’m gonna do is taste the wine between now and Friday.  I’ll post my notes on Saturday.

That gives you a day or two to find and taste the wine.

You can take your own notes, then compare yours with mine.

Even better…

You can taste the wine WHILE you read my tasting notes.

Then you can leave a comment (or Tweet me your notes @JeffIsRad or #StayRad) to let me know what you think.

Now that I’ve given you your homework assignment, do you have any questions?


Let’s have a Menage a Trois!

Stay Rad,



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