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Napa Fun Time 1.4: Wine and Fun in the Setting Sun

October 28, 2012

As our Saturday of wine tasting in the Napa Valley neared its end, we headed over to our final destination.

But first… A little background…

One of Kara’s mom’s best friends is Jan Krupp.

You may be familiar with that name, because Jan’s husband is Dr. Jan Krupp.

You may be familiar with Dr. Jan Krupp for his Krupp Brothers Winery.

What Dr. Jan is probably more well-known for is his Stagecoach Vineyard, which he started building in his backyard in 1995.  Nestled in between Pritchard Hill and Atlas Peak, this rugged vineyard is home to some of the most sought after fruit in Napa Valley.  Today, Dr. Jan sells his grapes to over 70 other wineries (including heavy hitters like; Alpha Omega, Caymus, Duckhorn, and Hess Collection).

When Kara called up the Krupps that Saturday morning to tell them that we were in the area, they invited us over to get a tour of their iconic vineyard and to taste their fantastic wine.

After we arrived at the Krupp house around five o’clock, we took a moment to soak in the beautiful view from their back patio…


The Krupp Brothers Vineyard with Stagecoach Vineyard extending for 1100 acres in the background.

We then jumped into the car to drive back into the Stagecoach Vineyard before the sun would get a chance to set over our tour…


Chasing the sun into Stagecoach Vineyard

After a little driving…

We took a left at the stagecoach…


The Stagecoach

And drove to the top of the world…

While Kara and the Krupps set the table…


Kara and Dr. Jan setting the table.

I took a little time to enjoy the view…


The low sun over the Napa Valley

Dr. Jan served us some fantastic wines…


Krupp Brothers 2009 Napa Valley Chardonnay


Krupp Brothers 2007 Black Bart’s Bounty Syrah


Krupp Brothers 2007 Veraison Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon


Krupp Brothers 2008 Stagecoach Vineyard M5 Cabernet Sauvignon

The Krupp Brothers wines were fantastic.  They were each a great expression of the rugged terroir of Stagecoach.

Since it’s harvest season, we made a few pit stops to taste some grapes off of the vine…


Stagecoach Vineyard Syrah


Krupp Brothers Vineyard Tempranillo

As the sun set over the Stagecoach Vineyard, we called it a day…


Driving off in the setting sun.

And what a day it was.

Stay Rad,


Napa Fun Time 1.3: Workin’ Our Way Back

October 22, 2012

After a fantastic morning  traveling North to visit Del Dotto and Cornerstone Cellars, we spent the majority of our afternoon in the Napa Valley working our way through the Oak Knoll and Stags Leap districts.

The next stop on our list was Trefethen Family Vineyards


We took the time to smell the poppies…


We tried their very tasty Dry Riesling.


We pondered the blend of grapes in their Quandary White Wine.


We gushed over their Cabernet Franc.


We also enjoyed the decorations.

It’s been said that Trefethen is haunted.

Not being one to tempt the spirits, we drove over to our next stop…


Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. No ghosts here. Just good wine.


At Stag’s Leap, they don’t play. They gave us separate glasses for each of the wines we were about to taste.


They even put wine in the glasses!

While all of the wines were fantastic, we very impressed by the 2009 CASK23 Cabernet Sauvignon…


Fresh from the decanter.

I would have loved to take this one home… and I am still considering buying this one.

Does anyone have two hundred bucks I can borrow?

Stay Rad,


Be sure to check out the next installment of Napa Fun Time, where Jeff and Kara visit some family friends for a guided tour of the world-renowned Stagecoach Vineyard.

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