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Lovin’ That Sake

August 31, 2013

Yesterday was a great day.

Yesterday was pay day.

Yesterday, Kara and I got our Sushi on at CreAsian in Morgan Hill.

Normally, when we go out to sushi, I just get myself some beer or some hot sake.  You’ve seen me bring my own wine out to sushi here and here.


Yesterday I was feeling luxurious!

At least… a little more luxurious than normal.

Peep this cold sake I ordered up…


Yaegaki Filtered Sake

Like most sakes that you order up in the U.S., this rice wine was made in America.  Now, while some of us may be bummed to find that our sake isn’t Japanese, you should be happy to know that this particular sake was made by Kushibiki Reiko… The first female sake master in these United States.  This split of sake cost me eight bucks.

Color: Not much color at all.  Pretty clear.

Nose: The nose on this sake is more floral than anything else.  There’s tons of lavender here, but it is quite fruity.  Think dried apricot and a bit of plums.

Taste: This wine is very viscous and oily on the palate.  Again… it’s very fruity.  More of those plums, along with a bit of juicy fruit gum.  At its core, the sake is earthy and hearty, with just a touch of white flowers.

This is some good, crisp, lively, and exciting sake.

Now, let’s get to the food…


Sashimi Salad

I’ve always been a fan of sashimi.  Just give me some raw slices of fish, and I’m good to go.


Sometimes, I want to eat a little bit more than what is offered up on a traditional sashimi plate.

This is where the sashimi salad comes in!

This thing has just as much, if not more, tuna than the normal sashimi plate, plus a ton of lettuce, seaweed, and rice.  Add the fact that they give you a huge squeeze bottle of sriracha to go with it, and you’ve got a fantastic bowl of Japanese comfort food.


I was lovin’ that sashimi salad…

Almost as much as I was lovin’ that sake.

Stay Rad,


When was the last time you had some sake?  Leave us a comment, and tell us about it.


Ooh baby, I like it raw!

August 27, 2011

There is a sushi place about half a mile from my house called CreAsian.

If you read the reviews on, you’ll find that many folks have given it five stars… along with hyperbole-laden comments like, “This is the GREATEST SUSHI in the history of the UNIVERSE!” and, “If you don’t like CreAsian, you are the BIGGEST DUMMY in the contiguous United States!”

If you come across my review, you’ll find it to be a little less flattering…

I really do like the place, but I’ve eaten plenty of sushi in my day.  Kara and I lived in the Japan Town neighborhood of Downtown San Jose for a good 3+ years before moving to Morgan Hill.  It’s not that I’m a sushi snob… It’s just that I’m never going to be quick to crown the ONLY sushi place I go to as being the best.

Look.  CreAsian is a good sushi restaurant with some neat looking specialty rolls (Sashimi Tacos anyone?), but they are a little pricey.  When it comes to just having some good, fresh slices of delicate fish, however… I’ve had better for cheaper.

With all that being said, I do like me some CreAsian (in spite of it having the worst name of all time).

I gave it 4 stars!

Recently, Kara and I took a trip to the closest sushi place in the history of our house!

Here are the details…

After arriving, Kara and I were promptly seated and each served up a hot bowl of miso soup. Soulful. Heartwarming. Delicious.

To wet our whistles, we got us some Asahi Super Dry beer. Nice and crisp.

And you cannot have beer and sushi without HOT SAKE! It's got a nice nose of caramel and butterscotch. One sip is all you need to get in sushi mode.

Beer + Sake = SAKE BOMB! De-Lish!

While my fish was getting prepped, I was served a house salad. It had some nice chunks of mango and a tangy and creamy dressing. Yum!

I got me the 20 piece sashimi. It's simple. A beautiful assortment of raw fish. You know how we do!

Now, the key to a quality sashimi experience is in how you prep your soy sauce.  Here is how I roll…

One nice nugget of wasabi.

Tuck the wasabi in under a blanket of ginger.

Lay down a small pond of soy sauce.

Use your chop sticks to mush down the wasabi under the ginger. Start dipping your fish once the soy sauce gets nice and cloudy. Add more wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce as needed.

The sashimi was dope!  Delicate.  Flavorful.  Savory.  Satisfying…


My favorite part of a sashimi dinner is at the end of the night when I dump my ginger wasabi soy sauce over a bowl of rice. You have to be careful to eat just a little bit at a time. Your nose will start to burn... but in a good way.

I must say that my latest visit to CreAsian was awesome.  I’m LITERALLY DYING to get back there soon.

Here’s to the greatest sushi this side of the Rio Grande!

Shimmy shimmy ya!  Shimmy yam!  Shimmy yay!

Hey Ol’ Dirty Bastard, take it away!

Stay Rad,


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