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What happens in Vegas (besides sweaty armpits)… Goes here.

July 1, 2011

Kara and I took a trip to Las Vegas this last week.  I was thinking about doing a HUGE write-up about the vacation, but over the last couple of days I’ve forgotten how to use words.  So…

I’ll just show you our trip with these pictures.


At the airport in San Jose. The Sharks bar!

Waiting for our room, we ordered the official drink of Vegas. Alcoholic slushies.

This croc is THE main attraction on the strip.

Another slushie. Got this one from Coyote Ugly. I kept the cup.

Happy hour at Diego's. Time to guac!

Oysters and Stella at Sea Blue. The BEST deal in Las Vegas.

Large coffee at Starbucks. The WORST deal in Las Vegas.

Here's a big ass lion.

A room with a view... of window streaks.

We stayed in the Jean Luc Picard suite.

Mix your own drinks if you don't want to spend a lot of dough... That, and stay in your room.

Space ship... or something.

Only 8 bucks a pop.

At the Burger Bar.

The slider variety pack. I was into the buffalo.

How long do you think the photo shoot was for this poster?

It only took me one take to look that stupid.

Eating at Dick's. They even put the condiments on the bottom. What a bunch of jerks.

Taking a picture of people taking pictures of a model of the Statue of Liberty with Jelly Bellies glued on it. Truly fascinating.

Since when did the back of pennies look like the one on the top right?

At Centrifuge.

No trip to Vegas is complete without a late night ruben.

So, there you have it.

Sorry there was no wine in this post, but I’ve got BIG things coming up.

Stay Rad,



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