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Sometimes, you just gotta…

September 15, 2012

To me, life is all about the simple pleasures.

When I was a student at San Jose State University, it was not uncommon for me to stop by Dollar Chinese on the way back from class to pick up a little grub.

There’s something about Chinese fast food that just soothes the soul.

It’s my comfort food.

I don’t eat it that often, but boy do I love it.


When Kara’s mom brought back a Chinese feast the other night, I was stoked to the hella.


Chinese food. Lots of Chinese food.

On the top right of the picture, you’ll see that I cracked open a bottle of Korbel that was lying around.

I broke this out because sparkling wines are always known for their versatility when it comes to food pairings.  With the diversity of flavor profiles on the table, the Korbel really did the trick.

As tasty as the food and wine was, I’ve gotta say I am most proud of what I did with the leftovers the next morning.

I reheated the Mongolian Beef on a griddle, and scrambled me up an egg to make myself a Chinese Omelette…



Aside from tearing the omelette during folding, I was really happy with the end result.

The next time I have some Chinese leftovers, you know I’ll be making more of the same.

Simply fantastic.

Stay Rad,



Breakfast at Betsy’s… A Must-Do

December 14, 2011


I used to watch her show every day after work.

I miss her show.

Think what you want about her…

That show was really well-done.

I remember one episode when she was talking about tips for living well.

She said that you must put yourself on your own to-do list.

I like that idea.

It’s simple… and it just makes sense.

With everything you have to do in life, never forget that you have to take care of yourself.

It’s Finals Week at my school right now.

One tradition that I have is to take myself out to breakfast on the first day of Finals.

This morning, I decided to treat myself to breakfast at Betsy’s Restaurant in Morgan Hill.



I was greeted and helped within seconds of entering the diner.

In the time it took for my coffee to be delivered, I decided on the Betsy’s Omelette.

Loaded with bacon, sausage, avocado, and cheese... Betsy's Omelette. Rye toast. Tabasco. Coffee.

Fluffy eggs.

Gooey cheese.

Salty bacon.

Creamy avocado.

This breakfast hit the spot.

If you feel like treating yourself to something good, Betsy’s is a must-do.

Stay Rad,


When it gets hot, slow down.

June 15, 2011

Back from the run. Let's reheat the coffee and make some brek (That's short for breakfast).

Yesterday, Kara and I noticed on the tail end of our morning (10:00 am) run how hot it is starting to get.  For the most part, during the fall, winter, and spring you can run any time of day outside without the fear of overheating.  As the summer time rolls around, you have to start earlier in the day.  You have to.

Sure enough, later that day (with the temperature exceeding 90 degrees farenheit) it seemed like everywhere we looked we saw people running.  Stupid people running.  Running with sweatpants on.  Running with their big thick-coated dogs.  All of them (people and dogs) looking like they wanted to die.  All of them (just the people here) looking stupid.

“We are not those people,” I told Kara.  “We will never run in that type of heat.  Tomorrow, we run EARLY.”

I woke up this morning at 6:30 am.

The fab four: Mug, Grinder, Beans, and a Coffee Pot

I fed the dog.  I brewed a pot of some tasty Puerto Rican coffee (A special thank you to my sister.  The greatest out-of-the-blue gift I’ve ever been given).  I got dressed.  Walked the dog.  Mixed up some of my electrolyte drink (Gu Brew).  Grabbed Kara.  We got to the trail at 8:15.

The plan for me was to do a mile warm-up, six miles at my tempo pace (~7’30″/mile since I’m training to run a half-marathon at 7 minutes a mile), and a mile cool down.  That’s Eight Miles if you are counting, Eminem.  I felt okay during the warm-up.  When I started my tempo run at mile two, I was doin’ alright.


The turn-around.

I was 4 miles away from my car, and when I turned to run back toward the starting point, I saw it.  The hot, bright, unforgiving Sun.  It had been at my back during the first half of my run, but now it was going to kick my ass.

My face and chest started to heat up.  I felt beads of sweat run down my forehead, along the side of my nose, under my sunglasses, and now they were pooling up just under my bottom eyelids.  As the ponds of salty water got bigger, they began to drain into and subsequently sting my eyes. What was once a brisk 7’30” per mile pace quickly slowed to a shuffling 11 minute mile.

I was spent, and I still had two miles to go.  Just nearing the end of the run, I caught up to Kara (who was finishing a six-miler).  “How was it?” I asked.


“We are not the kind of people to run in this kind of heat, Kara.  Tomorrow… tomorrow, we run EARLIER!”

When we got home, I was dog tired… AND HUNGRY.

I still had some left over hamburger meat from the other day, so I figured I’d make my version of a Joe’s Special.  If you’re not from the Bay Area and don’t know what that is, I forgive you.  If you are a local and you don’t know what I am talking about, I will find you and slap you… HARD.

Traditionally, the Joe’s Special is an egg scramble with ground beef and spinach.  Outside of that, you can take any angle that you want.  I didn’t have any spinach on hand, but I did have hella tortillas so…

I threw the ground beef into a hot ass pan. Yes. That is a Rachel Ray omelette pan. It rules. That, and the handle is orange.

I put two taco sized corn tortillas in the toaster and set it to "bagel".

The beef was broken up and given some chopped onions, salt, pepper, and Trader Joe's curry powder. Mucho authentico!

Add egg, and scramble it up. Plate on top of the two interlocking tortillas. Top with half an avocado and 3 tomato slices. Joe's Special? More like Jeff's Rad! Am I right?

Save the leftovers so your wife can have a veggie sandwich later.

I ate this hearty brek while watching Sam Raimi’s “Drag Me to Hell” on the DVR.  The movie was okay.  Kind of fun.  I think it paired well with the fluffiness of the eggs.

I think the story would have worked out better for the main character if the title was "Don't Drag Me to Hell". What do you think?

After breakfast, Kara and I set out to do a few errands.  The heat was so draining, that we gave up on them about half way through.  With plenty of time left in the day, we headed over to Guglielmo Winery to use our free tasting coupon.  We spent almost two hours there… Just kicking back and enjoying the day.

Sometimes when it gets too hot, you just have to slow down.

Stay Rad,


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