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Boom! Taking on Osu Kannon

July 12, 2012

On of my favorite memories from Japan was our quick trip to the shopping district of Osu Kannon…


Osu Kannon

Osu Kannon is a huge outdoor shopping area.


I’m not a huge fan of shopping, but the vibe of this place was really cool.

The highlight for me was when we peeked our heads into an eatery, and got us some Okonomiyaki.

Last night, I tried my hand at a traditional, flat, Okonomiyai pancake…


My Attempt at the Traditional Okonomiyaki

And, aside from not cutting the cabbage thin enough, it turned out pretty well.


The Okonomiyaki in Osu Kannon is far from traditional…


The Sandwich Style Okonomiyaki of Osu Kannon

Aside from its shape, the major difference in this type of Okonomiyaki is that the cabbage and onions are not part of the pancake.  They are instead prepared separately, and folded up in the thin pancake like a omlette, so you can eat it sandwich style.

Since I had a bunch of leftover ingredients from last night, today I decided to try my own hand at the Okanomiyaki Sandwich.

But first…

A drink.

One of my favorite beverages from Japan was the Chu Hi.  It’s a citrus flavored cocktail made from Shochu (a spirit made from distilled wheat, rice, and sesame).

The other day, I picked up a bottle of Shochu from a Japanese market in the Japan Town section of San Jose…


Benitome Shochu. It’s got the roundness of Sake, but with an alcoholic kick.

The only thing you really need to mix with the Shochu is some citrus juice and a splash of carbonated water.  Here’s what I used…


Sparkling Mineral Water and Rio Red Grapefruit Juice

I went about 50-50 on Juice to Shochu, and topped it off with the Mineral Water to get this…


The Rad Grapefruit Chu Hi

Pretty good.  Make sure you enjoy this one responsibly.


I almost forgot…

Here’s my Okonomiyaki…


Osu Kannon Style Okonomiyaki with Miso Soup and a Rad Grapefruit Chu Hi


Stay Rad,



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