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Chardonnay and Fish Tacos

July 22, 2013

Hey, y’all!

I just wanted to check in with you, real quick, to show you the meal I made last night…

And since we all know that wine is my favorite food, we’ll start with that.

Check it out!


Trader Joe’s 2012 Grower’s Reserve Chardonnay

You know that I’m a fan of Trader Joe’s brand wines for their exceptional value.

You should also know that I’ve been in a white wine type of mood, lately.


When I found this $6 Chardonnay made from organic grapes, I had to check it out.

Color: A deep, Golden Delicious apple flesh kind of yellow.

Nose: Green apple, peach skin, lemon, and lime fruits are accented by a subtle toasty note.

Taste: Fruits of apple and pear are wrapped up in a toasty pie crust, topped with a lemon squeeze.

Score: Not the most complex of wines, but it brings a refreshing flavor at a great price.  87 points.

Food Pairing:


Pan-Seared Tilapia Fish Tacos with Greek Yogurt, Vinegar Slaw, and Sriracha

The acid of the wine elevates the buttery fish to bring out this really fun toasty and nutty flavor.

This is a great pairing.

Stay Rad,


What wine would you pair with this fish taco? Leave a comment, and tell us about it.


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