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Augtobeerfest: An International Affair

August 23, 2011


I know what you’re thinking.  “Jeff just made that word up to be funny.”

Well, I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

I’ve never been funny in my entire life.

How dare you?

Last Saturday, Kara and I walked down to the El Toro Brewpub in celebration of Augtobeerfest.

Here’s their special event menu…


If you check out El Toro on, you’ll find that the knock on this place is consistent.

They make amazing beer, but the food is suspect.

There was something about Augtoberfest that I think would have changed the minds of those critics…

25 ounce Marzen

Maybe it was the 25 ounce stein of Marzen I had when I walked in the door.  It was the perfect balance of crisp hops and round malts.

Bratwurst with bacon, sauerkraut, and german potato salad.

Maybe it was the bratwurst that I paired with the Marzen.  The tanginess of the sauerkraut.  The fatiness of the bacon.  The rich german potato salad.  It brought the flavor of the beer to a whole new level.

The Internationals!

Maybe it was the fun-loving music provided by The Internationals.  Quite possibly my favorite traditional German band.  Okay…  They’re the only German band I know…  And their music ain’t that traditional…

25 ounce Mo Hill Pils

Maybe it was the 25 refreshing ounces of the Mo Hill Pils…


Maybe I was still hungry and ordered some nachos to go with my  Pils…

Still rocking on Swiss horns.

Maybe people take pubs, and the food inside of them, way to seriously…

With great beer, great music, and amazing friends, how could you ever complain?


El Toro, I’ll see you at DecemBEERfest.

Who’s coming with me?

Stay Rad,



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