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It’s Saturday. Why not celebrate?

March 12, 2013

Saturday night, Kara and I just had a hankering for sushi.  We’ve been fans of CreAsian in Morgan Hill for a while, but recently learned that their corkage fee for wine is only 8 bucks.

I’ve been meaning to do a sparkling wine and sushi pairing for a while, so we picked this up at Trader Joe’s just before we hit up the restaurant…


Domaine Chandon NV Brut Classic

It’s funny… you know…

Domaine Chandon makes a solid California sparkling wine at $15.  Great lemon and mineral characteristics.  Festive and lively color and effervescence.


At the end of the day, it’s just a $15 wine.

And yet…

When you walk into a restaurant with a bottle of sparkling wine, heads turn.

The family sitting next to us mentioned that we must be important people if we were rolling into the place with “Champagne”.

Our waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything special.

I told her that of course we were… “It’s Saturday!”

Here’s what we ate…


Seaweed Salad


Sashimi Tacos… A must!


From Kara to Jeff… Lemon Drop, Fuji Mountain, and Godzilla Rolls.

The truth is, as food-friendly as sparkling wine is… as good a job as these wines do with elevating the already sky-high flavors of sushi… and with as many good-quality California sparklers as there are in the 10 to 20 dollar range…

Why wouldn’t you drink sparkling wine more often?

Let’s all celebrate Saturdays more often.

Stay Rad,


What’s your favorite sparkling wine and food pairing?  What’s your favorite sparkling wine in the 10 to 20 dollar range?  Leave a comment, and tell us about it.

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