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November 29, 2011

I haven’t been feeling great the last couple of days.

I got some sort of bug after Thanksgiving.

Although I have been feeling physically better today, my mood has been kind of sour.

It has been very foggy in the Bay Area the last two days.

Maybe that has something to do with it.

Whenever I get in a mood, going for a run always cheers me up.

Tuesdays, however, are my softball nights… So, I didn’t really have time to squeeze in a run after work today.

At 5:40, I hopped into my car to head out to my 6:40 game.

As I backed out of my driveway, my car stalled out.


It started right back up, and I headed onto the road.

At the first stop sign, I noticed that my engine was idling pretty low.

I forgot about it by the time I reached a red light at the next intersection.

The light turned green.

As I began my left turn, I noticed that my steering wheel instantly became difficult to turn.

My car had stalled out again, cutting off my power steering.

I was able to coast through the intersection, and pull over right next to an auto repair shop.

It was open.

I left my car there for them to look at.

I grabbed my softball gear, and began my half-mile walk back home.

On the way home, I called one of my softball buddies to let him know that I wasn’t going to make it to the game.

By the time I got home, my buddy called me back to tell me that the game was canceled.

Apparently, it’s too foggy to play softball.

I’m still wondering if this means I’m lucky or not…

I mean… Sometimes a nice walk can be just as good as a run.

Stay Rad?

– Jeff


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