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Jeffrey had a little lamb…

November 6, 2011

Last night, Kara and I hit up Opa! in downtown Los Gatos.

We are both HUGE fans of Greek food, but what really got me stoked was when I took a look at their wine list…

It's all Greek to me.

I don’t know much about Greek wine (Why would I?  They’ve only been making the stuff since the seventeenth century B.C.), so I asked our server for some help.

“I’m thinking about having the lamb pita.  Which of the Greek wines would you suggest?”

“Well,” she responds with all sincerity, “it is tough to compare these to any wine that you would be familiar with… They’re just soooooo different.  If you like a lighter, juicier wine, I would suggest the Saint George.”

“Sounds good to me.  I’ll take it.”

“Let me bring you a taste first,” she offers, “just to make sure you like it.”

“Hell to the yeah, foo!” would have been an awesome way to respond, but instead I just gave her a thumbs up.

After a sample, I quickly approved the wine and was served a full glass…

Skouras 2007 Saint Geroge Nemea. Opa! *Que the Smashing of Hella Plates*

The Skouras 2007 Saint George Nemea is classified as OPAP (Wine of Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality) by the Greek government.  This high-altitude red from the Southern Greek region of Nemea is made in a dry style from 100% Aghiorghitiko.  Skouras, by the way, is listed as one of Kevin Zraly’s favorite Greek wine producers.

Here’s the breakdown…

Color: Light red.  You can see my fingers through the wine.  Look at the picture, foo!

Nose: Crushed red apples and berries.

Taste: This wine is very juicy.  Lots of raspberry and cranberry.  There is almost a hint of sweetness to this wine, but it is more juicy than anything else.  There is a nice, crisp, short finish on this.

Score: It’s tough to give the Skouras a score, because (as warned by the server) it doesn’t taste like anything else.  This wine is pleasant, and I would assume indicative of the style.  I’ll give it an 86, and suggest that you try it the next time you get an opportunity.

Now, onto the food…

Kara and I split the Fiery Feta Dip. Chunky and dope!

Lamb Pita with Opa Fries. Yum!

Life is always better with a little lamb.

Stay Rad,


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