Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 110: Pinot Noir and Zinfandel with Dave TheVegetarian

In this episode, Jeff and Dave TheVegetarian taste a few wines before dinner…

Wine Tasted:


XYZin 2011 Old Vine Zinfandel


Big Basin Vineyards 2009 Coastview Vineyard Pinot Noir

Food Tasted:


Homemade Bread with a Trio of Compound Butter


Linguine of Asparagus and Garlic

Stay Rad,


What’s your favorite 15 dollar Zin? What’s your favorite wine region for Pinot Noir? Leave a comment, and let us know.


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2 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 110: Pinot Noir and Zinfandel with Dave TheVegetarian”

  1. jeffeckles Says:

    How did the chicken like the wine? Nice episode boys! It always seems so peaceful in DtV’s backyard.

    Can’t say I can think of a fav $15 zin off the top of my head. As for Pinot regions…as long as it’s cooler climate I will probably enjoy it. Been grooving on the Oregon’s more than the Burgundians lately.

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