Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 109: Pomerol (Almost)

In this episode, Jeff shares a Right Bank Bordeaux with his clarinet-playing father…

Wine Tasted:


Chateau Garraud 2010 Lalande de Pomerol

After the Facts:


Here’s the Ribs Marcello made…


And here is his Merlot vine!

Stay Rad,


What’s your favorite value Bordeaux? Do you want to hear Dave TheVegetarian play some music? Leave a comment, and let us know.


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4 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 109: Pomerol (Almost)”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Yes, I would have liked to hear more than 20 seconds… We had to send one of our 2 cats to heaven yesterday and the little clarinet solo put a rare smile on my face, because I know you did it because of my request (and maybe a few others). However, I’m really not in the mood for 15 min of wine discussion today, especially on a French wine.

    So, please in memory of Sierra (Fluffy), more clarinet music.

  2. Al Says:

    Fine Wine Pairing With Father & Son! Now that’s Hilarious! I Liked It! Ya maybe a little more clarinet would be nice after? Or say maybe some in the background while the Wine Pairing is going on maybe?

  3. tooltimer Says:

    Nice Wine Blog with a Pairing with of Father & Son of the Wine!
    With the short playing of the Clarinet! Maybe with a longer playing afterwords? Or possibly with the Clarinet playing far in the background during the Wine Pairing?

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