Exploring Albarino

Recently, I was contacted by the Albarino Explorers Club, the website dedicated to sharing their love for THEE white grape of Rias Baixas, Spain.

They wanted to me to do write-up for their blog, showing the diversity of food-pairings that can work with Albarino.

I was all like, “Sure!”

The next thing I knew, I had two bottles of Albarino sent to my house, and Kara and I headed over to one of our favorite local restaurants to try ’em out.

They just posted my blog today on their website, and I’d love to see what you think about it.


If you like crisp and zesty wines like this…

And this…

And farm-fresh food like this…

And this…

And this…

And this…

You should go read this…


Stay Rad,



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6 Responses to “Exploring Albarino”

  1. jeffeckles Says:

    Awesome! Dinner and wines both looked amazing. Very cool that they even paired with the steak.

  2. Ana Lelescu, California Passport Tours Says:

    I had troubles with the link above, but I found the Albarino Explorers Club site and enjoyed your post there! I’ve never heard about these wines. Great discoveries for me (including our very own The Good Fork restaurant in Morgan Hill)– thanks!!

  3. Dave Thevegetarian Says:

    Solid vegetarian dishes at The Good Fork? Can you please stop by so I have an excuse to open a bottle of sparkling albarino I have laying around?


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