Toys for Wine? I can dig it!


Some of you may know that Gary Vaynerchuk (of Wine Library TV, Daily Grape, and Crush It fame) is my wine hero.

I liked wine before I ever watched an episode of WLTV, but Gary Vaynerchuk helped me love it.

You’ve gotta know that I was stoked to find out on Twitter recently that Gary was looking for old 80’s toys… and that he was looking to trade wine for them.

I ran over to my closet, picked out some of my old toys that were gathering up dust, and hit up @GaryVee on the Twitter.

After a little negotiating back and forth, we came to an agreement, and I shipped my stuff off the next day.


Take a peek at what showed up on my doorstep today…


Twenty-One Bottles of Wine, Picked out by Gary. Why 21? Well… It’s football season, and Frank Gore is my favorite player.

Check out some of the bad boys that Gary sent my way…


Russiz Superiore 2005 Collio Cabernet Franc


Barossa Jack 2008 Shiraz


L’Argentier 2009 Vieilles Vignes de Cinsault

Hella nerdy.

Hella fun.

And I can dig it!

I’m looking forward to tasting and reviewing a bunch of these wines for y’all.  In honor of Gary, I will be referring to these wines as GV Specials.

Here’s hoping they bring the thunder.

Stay Rad,



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11 Responses to “Toys for Wine? I can dig it!”

  1. Jeff Eckles (@JeffEckles) Says:

    That’s pretty bad ass, my friend!

  2. D'Arnold Says:

    @GaryVee gave you 21 bottles for old toys? I’ll hook you up with some NEW toys for that Collio Cabernet Franc alone. LEGIT!

    Feel free to hit me up when you bust that bad boy open.

  3. wine geek Says:

    OMG! I will definitely watch the next 21 eps. (You’re a shrewd businessman, Jeff. :))

  4. jonnybrandy Says:

    thats amazing

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