Torii Mor on a #WineWednesday

What up, y’all?

It’s a Wednesday.

I got a wine.

Let’s do this!


Torii Mor 2007 Dundee Hills Select Pinot Noir

I’m a big fan of Pinot Noir.  I especially love me some Oregon Pinot.  So, you’ve gotta know that I was stoked to find this bad boy in the box I got from Gary Vaynerchuk when I sent some toys his way back in September.

Color: This wine is definitely showing some age.  Reddish brown to copper at the edges.

Nose: Orange zest, lavender, cocoa powder,  mushrooms, and blackberries.  Pretty.

Taste: This is an interesting one.  Earthy components of soil and mushroom with a minty edge.  Cranberry, raspberry, and blackberry fruits are seasoned with some orange zest.  The tannins were a bit astringent at first, which gave the wine a bit of an awkward feel.  After some time in the glass, the tannins blew off and revealed some cherry cola goodness.

Score: This is a solid wine, but may turn you off if you are not patient.  87 points.

Stay Rad,


What is your favorite Oregon Pinot Noir?  Leave a comment, and let us know what you think.


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