Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 133: Extra! Extra!

In this episode, Jeff tries a wine from a paper bottle. What’s the worst that could happen?

Wine Tasted:


Paperboy Winery 2012 Paso Robles Red Blend

Stay Rad,


What’s your take on wines in alternative packaging?  Leave a comment, and let us know.


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8 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 133: Extra! Extra!”

  1. Jeff Eckles Says:

    This one sounds so bad that I almost have to seek it out now!

  2. Marcello Buonarroti Says:

    So, wat did you think of Paperboy?

  3. Wine Geek Says:

    I guess you don’t wanna get any more samples from this producer. 😀
    Glass is 100% recyclable so why should I drink wine in plastic? Because of the extra paper cover?

    • Wine Geek Says:

      I wanted to put a 🙂 after the first sentence…

      • jeffisrad Says:

        This was not a sample, WG. I paid my hare-earned 11 bucks for this pile of crap.
        That being said… Truett Hurst does make some good wines too.
        My wife and I were talking about the recycling thing after the fact… I don’t think there is any real advantage to this… except for the ability to bring it to a tailgate event where glass containers are prohibited.

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