Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 113: F this Pizza

In this episode, Jeff pops open another Locations wine with his frozen pizza…

Wine Tasted:


Locations F-1 French Red Wine

Stay Rad,


Have you tried any of the Locations wines? Which ones? What’s your favorite? Are you following JeffIsRad on Instagram yet? Leave a comment, and let us know what you think.


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2 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 113: F this Pizza”

  1. jeffeckles Says:

    Have you had all the “Locations” wines now? Which one was your favorite, if that is even a fair question to ask. I didn’t get to try the F, but between the E and I, I enjoyed the E a little more. Great episode, Jeff!

    • jeffisrad Says:

      I still need to try E. I scored both the I and F at 90 points, but if I had to choose one, I’d go with F. That’s probably because I’m such a big fan of French wines, in general.

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