Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 103: Stay Rad Turns Two!

In this episode, Jeff celebrates the second anniversary of Stay Rad Wine Blog with a blind wine tasting.  Let’s see how he did?

Wine Tasted:


You’re always trying to cheat, aren’t you? Scroll down if you want to see the wine.


Brazin 2008 Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi

Stay Rad,


Have you ever had this wine?  What did you think of it?  Leave a comment, and let us know.


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6 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 103: Stay Rad Turns Two!”

  1. Lynn Says:


    I thought for sure when you said “fruit bomb” that you were going to say it was a zinfandel… I’m afraid to ask what Kara’s reaction was after you finished your video…

    Blind tasting was a lot easier 15 – 20 years ago, when the market was more dominated by CA wine varietals. A chardonnay tasted like a piece of toast. A cabernet had a classic oak aroma to it. Zinfandels were fruit forward. Merlots tasted like flat, watered down red blends. We didn’t have wines from Chile, Argentina, & other newer regions. Anyone who passes a sommelier test now has it a lot harder than back then! Kudos to them.

    • jeffisrad Says:

      Thanks, Lynn.
      As I watched the video back, while finishing my glass, I can’t believe I didn’t call it a Zin.
      My notes were dead on, but I over-thought it.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Hey, I give you credit for posting the video even though you were wrong. It lets people know you are human and they can identify with that. Stay a wine snob-free zone!

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