Fetzer and Falafel on a Friday

It’s Friday.

I picked up a bottle of Fetzer.

I got me a Falafel wrap.

Let’s have some Fun…


To the left of the Fetzer 2011 Shaly Loam Gewurztraminer, you will find a bomb ass Delux Falafel Wrap from Morgan Hill’s own Mr. Falafel. You could come to Morgan Hill to get the wrap, but you’ll find the wine EVERYWHERE… or at least Trader Joe’s.

Color: The wine is what I like to refer to as apple juice yellow.  You will see a few bubbles in the glass.  You will notice them more as you taste the wine.

Nose: Nice, subtle peach and mineral on the nose.  Not overly complex, but enjoyable.

Taste: The bubbly frizzante action gives a fun, dancing component to the acidity and minerality.  There’s a nice hit of lemon and peach fruit to go along with some residual sweetness.

Score: At $7, this wine will not change your life, but it is quite enjoyable.  A solid 87.

With Food: I like my hearty, crunchy Falafels with a lot of heat.  I always order them spicy.  The acid on this wine takes the heat from the wrap on a fun little ride.  The sweetness gives a cooling effect, so you are never overwhelmed by the heat.  This is a mad dope pairing.  That’s a good thing.

Stay Rad,



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