Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 71: Go Vote!

In this episode, Jeff announces his plan to run for office in 2016. He also tries a value Zinfandel that you can find at a store near you.

Wine Tasted:


Ghost Pines 2009 Winemaker’s Blend Zinfandel

After the Facts:

1. I said the Zin had an alcohol content of 4.6% twice.  In fact, it’s 14.6%.

2. If you are not registered to vote in the California, you can do so here.

Stay Rad,



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7 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 71: Go Vote!”

  1. jonnybrandy Says:

    i have only had 1 zinfandel. it was a ravenswood. although it was a bit too candyfied for me, i’d like to try others.

  2. L'art Says:

    JJ 4 President in ’16. Wine in every
    Goblet!! The Country needs to return to vintage years.

  3. jeffeckles Says:

    I love the “Action movie” analogy, I knew exactly what you were saying with that one.

    As for 2016, you got my vote, but if you win I want a cabinet seat, is there a secretary of terroir?

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