Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 56: Dr. J. does Dr. L.

In this episode, Jeff rocks out to a German Riesling and Latkes…

Wine Tasted:


Loosen Bros 2010 Dr. L. Riesling

Food Pairing:


Latkes with Green Onions, Apple Sauce, and Sour Cream

Stay Rad,



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6 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 56: Dr. J. does Dr. L.”

  1. Jeff Eckles (@JeffEckles) Says:

    Those Latkes look pretty good! It always bums me out when they don’t label the sweetness level of a Riesling. Nothing worse than hoping for a dryer wine (Troken) and getting something on the sweeter side.

  2. jonnybrandy Says:

    no question in my mind you need both. First wine that you have rated that I have had and i agree. Amazing stuff for the price

  3. L'art Says:

    Oi! Your Bubbe vud be so proud!

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