Reno 411

This past weekend, Kara and I headed up to Reno, Nevada to visit my folks for a couple of days.

When we arrived, my dad told me that he would be making us dinner, so Kara and I drove over to Craft Wine and Beer to pick up a couple bottles of geeky goodness…


Craft Wine and Beer

While shopping around the store, we each had a glass of rose…


KO 2011 Rose

The KO 2011 Rose from France is made of Gamay, Cabernet Franc, and a little known grape from the Loire called Grolleau.  The wine is 12.5% alcohol, and was served lightly chilled.

Color: It’s a darker salmon pink color.

Nose: The fruit is of strawberry shock tarts and tangerine.  There is a nice honey and wheat note on the tail end.

Taste: Good fruit of strawberry and nectarine.  Subtle notes of grass.  Good acidity.

Score: The perfect wine when you are browsing for wine on a hot day.  88+

I ended up getting two bottles to bring home for dinner.  If you want to see a fun video about the wines that I bought, click here.

The next morning, Kara and I went down to the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino to check out The Great International Chicken Wing Society Cook-Off


The Cook-Off



While we were walking around the festival, we overheard that they were looking for some judges to sample and vote on all the wings…


I couldn’t say no… So I said yes.


My official score card… Along with a few chicken bones.

Later that day, we walked around downtown Reno where we spotted a whole bunch of tribute bands at the All American BBQ Fest


Roses and Guns as Guns n’ Roses


Blaze of Glory as Bon Jovi


Crossfire as Stevie Ray Vaughn


The Jacks as AC/DC


Gwen in Doubt as No Doubt

On the last day, we went on a search for some good eats.

We started at Hash House a go go in Harrah’s Casino for lunch…


This is the only place that could make beer in a bag look classy.


The Famous One Pound Stuffed Burger with Fries and a Harpoon of Rosemary


Lovin’ this Burger

After lunch, we walked over to Jungle Vino along the shore of the Truckee River for a drink…


It’s tough to turn down a beer called Moose Drool…

Next stop was the West Street Wine Bar


Domaine de L’Oubliee 2010 Bourguiel

Bourguiel is a region in the Loire Valley of France.  These red wines are 100% Cabernet Franc.

Color: The Darkness!  This is a dark ruby to purple colored wine.

Nose: Big bike tires on the nose.  There is a nice hint of green bell pepper and blackberry as well.

Taste: This wine is DRY!  Green bell pepper.  Cabbage.  Black pepper.  Mint.

Score: This is a big, fun, nerdy wine.  I love it.  89


Before dinner, we played a quick round of Beer Pong at Harrah’s.

Our last stop was the Thai Corner Cafe for some all-you-can-eat sushi…


Sushi Goodness

And that’s the 411 on Reno.

Stay Rad,



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