Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 31: Irish you were Beer

In this (short) episode, Jeff tries to show how to pour a Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day and gives a hint as to who he will be drafting 9th overall in his fantasy baseball draft the next day…

Beer Tasted:


Stay Rad,



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7 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 31: Irish you were Beer”

  1. jonnybrandy Says:

    had a guinness today! awesome. i also just purchased this sweet bourbon called Maker’s 46. good stuff

  2. Marcello Buonarotti Says:

    I did our brisket in the crock pot, slow cooked for 10 hours. The only liquid I added was a 12 oz bottle of Newcastle. Mom won’t eat meat so I was able to have the same dinner again the next night.

  3. Marcello Buonarotti Says:

    I just realized that I misspelled my last name on your post. Did any of your Italian fans realize that? How do I change the error?
    Marcello Buonarroti

    • jeffisrad Says:

      It can’t be changed. I just say you learn to accept the mistake. I misspell things all the time (though I can’t recall my last name ever being one of those things).
      Love you, Dad.

  4. pecos3779 Says:

    Dude! You’re supposed to stick the bottle, or can, strait into the UPRIGHT glass and lift up slowly holding just above the liquid as it fills up. Then you get the creamy head that settles in that cool waterfally motion. That’s why the cans and draught bottles have the little thingy in there to regulate that shiz. I guess your lack of Irish heritage is shining brightly on this one. :p I love you anyways.

  5. jeremy duterte Says:

    Did you practice this one in advance or are you just a natural at producing underwhelming creamy head?

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