Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 17: Super Wine Throwdown I

In this episode, Jeff celebrates his 100th post on Stay Rad with his ol’ buddy Dave Thevegetarian.  Watch as these two friends battle for wine supremacy in the Super Wine Throwdown I…

Wines featured in this episode:

Argiano Non Confunditur 2009 Toscana Rosso

Joel Gott Wines 2009 California Zinfandel

To see the scores, check out the Rad Wine Reviews page here.

Stay Rad,



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11 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 17: Super Wine Throwdown I”

  1. jonnybrandy Says:

    great episode! i liked the format

  2. Marcello Buonarotti Says:

    I like the Italian guy, definitely fruit forward. I’ll give him an 89+.
    But really, I think the old guy with the white hair is my favorite. Whatever happened to him? He is a 92, and how come you didn’t plug his band?

  3. jeffeckles Says:

    Congrats on episode 100, Jeff. Looks like you guys had fun with this episode.

  4. mike Says:

    Dorks! Somehow entertaining though. ha ha

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