Thank God it’s #CabernetDay!

It’s Cabernet Day!

Considering I didn’t plan this event out at all, I ran over to the Safeway and picked up this…

Two Vines and One Big Glass!

The Columbia Crest 2009 Two Vines Cabernet Sauvignon cost me $6 at Safeway.  This Washington State winery consistently makes some good wines at a good value.  In spite of the Two Vines series being Columbia Crest’s entry-level label, Wine and Spirits gave it a 90… So… You know…

Here’s my take…

Color: It’s a deep dark red.  Nice.

Nose: Toasty oak dominates over hints of raspberry and plum.

Taste: There’s this big ripe plum and cranberry fruit up front.  The Two Vines has these nice, round, and (dare I say it) chalky tannins.  You know I love chalk!  There’s a good lime fruit acidity to this wine.

Score: The 2009 Two Vines is a great buy.  It’s a great table wine AND the perfect thing to bring to a last-minute Cabernet Day celebration.  Give it a solid 88 and drink it… NOW!

Stay Rad,



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5 Responses to “Thank God it’s #CabernetDay!”

  1. jdbigworm Says:

    wheres the rest…..Are your fingers sick too? or are they also part of the teachers union stopped working because they received tenure

  2. jeffisrad Says:

    I am so sorry.
    I was just thinking I would crank out something really quick for Cabernet Day, but I realize that in doing so that I didn’t give you my all.
    I will do better next time.
    Expect a big one this weekend.
    Stay Rad,
    – Jeff

  3. Evan Jones Says:

    I don’t get the complaints!

  4. Evan Jones Says:

    Maybe I will buy this wine if I ever set foot in a Safeway again!

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