Podcasts, Cork Dorks, and Albariño

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to check in with the wine I’ve been enjoying lately…


Santiago Ruiz 2015 Rias Baixas

The folks at RiasBaixasWines.com sent me a couple of amazing white wines from the Rias Baixas region of Spain.

This Santiago Ruiz was a fantastic blend of primarily Albarino.  I dominated the opening 5 minutes of The We Like Drinking Podcast a few weeks back, talking about how much I loved this wine.  I was so excited, I even forgot to say the name of the wine (sorry guys).

You can stream the episode here, download it on iTunes, or just watch the video of our podcast below…

This past week, I dove into another sample from RiasBaixasWines.com

Laxas 2016 Albarino

The Laxas was composed of 100% Albarino, and is a steal at $18.

I enjoyed this one while we interviewed New York Times Best Selling Author, Bianca Bosker, about her new book, Cork Dork.

I was really happy with the interview we did.  You can listen to that here.

Her book is pretty great too.  You can buy it here.

Thanks for reading/listening, everybody.

Stay Rad,



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