Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 128: Great Balls of Ice!

Jeff recently got a sample of some Ice Ball Makers from Arctic Chill, so he decided to throw an Ice Ball into his Barrel Aged Negroni.  In this episode, Jeff also compares the Ice Ball against standard ice cubes.  Enjoy…

Ice Cubes vs the Arctic Chill Ice Ball:


Step 1: Get yourself two glasses. Put ice cubes in one of ’em, and an ice ball in the other. Add two ounces of water to each glass.


Step 2: At 10-minute intervals, strain the water from each glass into a measuring cup, and compare the water levels. Return the water to each glass, and repeat the process of measuring 10 minutes later.
Do this until you don’t want to do it anymore.

Serving the Barrel Aged Negroni with the Arctic Chill Ice Ball:


Get yourself an old fashioned cocktail glass, 3 ounces of Barrel Aged Negroni, a tangerine (or any orange colored citrus fruit, and an ice ball.


Cut the tangerine into very thin slices, and overlap them around the perimeter of the glass. Add the ice ball to the glass, allowing it to hold the tangerine slices against the face of the glass. Pour in your 3 ounces of Barrel Aged Negroni.

Stay Rad,


Ice Ball Maker sample was provided by Arctic Chill for review.  Barrel Aged Negroni was provided by Dave and Kara TheVegetarian as a gift.  Comments below will be provided by you.


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