Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 83: Napa makes Merlot too!

In this episode, in an effort to get over the Super Bowl loss of his 49ers, Jeff tries a Napa Valley Merlot…

Wine Tasted:


Franciscan 2007 Merlot

Stay Rad,


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4 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 83: Napa makes Merlot too!”

  1. Marcello Buonarroti Says:

    Do you remember in the movie SIDEWAYS the seriously knocked merlot and people who drink it. Personally, I like merlot, and I think the movie was way overrated.

  2. Dave TheVegetarian Says:

    At least the Raiders didn’t win the Super Bowl. I’ve handled a few bottles of the Franciscan Cabernet in the past and am a big fan. I’ve never had their Merlot, but would have gladly shared the bottle with you. Speaking of sharing, when are we starting the Big Bottle Sharing Wine Crew?

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