Get Out of Town!

Sunday was awesome!

Earlier in the day, Kara and I watched the 49ers dominate the Falcons… But you already knew that.

After the game, we decided to drive on down to Monterey for dinner.

After checking in to the Hyatt Regency, we enjoyed a little wine while getting ready for dinner…


Krupp Brothers 2007 Stagecoach Vineyard Black Bart Syrah

This Krupp Brothers Syrah holds a special place for us.  It was part of a wedding gift to Kara and me from Jan and Dr. Jan Krupp of Stagecoach Vineyard.  We have been sitting on this wine since the Summer of 2010… Waiting for the perfect occasion… With the 49ers headed to the Super Bowl, we figured that this was as good a time as any.


On to the wine…

Color: Black.  This wine is black.  Look… Syrah can get inky… And, yes… There is a little bit of red in this wine, but this Syrah is black!  Look…


Black! This is probably due to the awesome power of Stagecoach Vineyard… That and the 2% Viognier that’s blended into it. Yes… Viognier is a white grape, but it makes Syrah darker. You can trust me, or feel free to google it… I’ll wait…

Nose: Tasty blackberry on the nose, with tons of black pepper.

Taste: Wow!  What a fun play between the savory notes of leather, tobacco, forest floor, and clove as well as the big fruit of cranberry, orange, and fig.  This wine is super silky and refined, but has the structure to go another 10+ years.

Score: This wine was fantastic!  The only problem was that the bottle ran out of wine too quickly.  93+ amazing points from the Krupps and their Stagecoach Vineyard.

After the wine, we hit up a really nice restaurant located at the Hyatt…


TusCA Ristorante


Kara and I split a Caesar Salad.


This Sausage and Peppers Pizza was all mine!

Make sure to tune in next time, as I tell you all about our fun day in Carmel–by-the-Sea…

Stay Rad,



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4 Responses to “Get Out of Town!”

  1. Martin D. Redmond Says:

    I’ve loved every wine I’ve had made with Stagecoach fruit!. Special vineyard!

  2. jeffeckles Says:

    Is that a Cesar salad or a lettuce leaf?

    I did not know that about Viognier and Syrah. Thanks for the info, Jeff.

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