Getting Down with a Wine and a Burrito

It’s a quiet night around my home tonight, so I decided to get me a burrito from Tortilla House…


Super Burrito de Carne Asada

And pair it with a wine I picked up this weekend while holiday shopping…

This wine cost me $11 at a local wine shop.  The Guilhem is a blend of 40% Syrah, 25% Grenache, 20% Mourvedre, and 15% Carignan from the Languadoc Roussillon (a French region that is bringing more and more value these days).

Color: Ruby red to purple, verging on black.

Nose: Big nose of plum, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and earthy mushrooms with a touch of sweet oak.

Taste: Wow!  There is a juicy blast of dark and red fruits that transitions into mouth drying sour red fruits.  Cranberry is the dominant fruit.  There is a great earthy funk to this wine.  It’s got a long finish of clove and tobacco spice to go with a long finish of bright acidity and dark Earth.

Score: Wow!  This wine amazing!  Wow!  This wine was $11, but it drinks like a $30 wine.  At 93 points, this is the steal of the century.  I love this wine.

I guess it ain’t that quiet around these parts after all.  This Guilhem is bringing the noise!

Stay Rad,



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4 Responses to “Getting Down with a Wine and a Burrito”

  1. Samuel Guibert Says:

    Bonjour Jeff

    Thank you for the very positive comments on our Guilhem red, glad to hear that you enjoyed the fruit of our work and passion.

    The Guilhem is definitely a wine that “over deliver” for it’s price and we like to remain exactly like that!

    Have a wonderful Holidays and we hope to welcome you one day in our “magic” Gassac valley


    Samuel Guibert
    Owner & winemaker

  2. Wine Geek Says:

    When I read your post, I thought: 🙂
    So I had to check this out. Yes, it has a long, flavorful finish but the nose isn’t intense enough and in the mouth it’s not as complex as what you’d expect from a 93-point wine. I think it’s an 88’er. But I agree with you: it delivers a very good QPR, no doubt about it.

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