Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 68: THIS is Barossa, Jack!

In this episode, Jeff opens up a cracker of a Shiraz from South Australia.

Wine Tasted:


Barossa Jack 2008 Estate Shiraz

Stay Rad,



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2 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 68: THIS is Barossa, Jack!”

  1. Andy Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Just bought some more of Barossa Jack Shiraz – 20008. I originally bought a bottle for my wife [over a year ago] because of the Jack Russell on the label [We have 2] and have since bought a number of cases. When I opened that first bottle and poured it, like you we just stared at the incredibly deep color, and then smelled the wine – the aroma/bouquet was unbelievable. You immediately understood this is a very special wine and you anticipate something delicious. It is indeed rich and delicious and it even gets better as it opens up. I had the same comment – that it tastes like a big rich [Napa] Cabernet. I have tasted so many of the high end Cabs and there is no doubt in my mind that if it was labeled as such, and the cost was $150.00, it would be spoken of as a great wine. Enjoy!!!

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