Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 62: A Strapping Wine

In this episode, Jeff is looking for redemption from this Australian GSM…

Wine Tasted:


Yalumba 2010 The Strapper GSM

Stay Rad,



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8 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 62: A Strapping Wine”

  1. Marcello Buonarroti Says:

    For your 200th, you should definitely review a few top chards, or at least review my favorite red blend, Apothic. I also think that you should invite Marcello, Dave, and Nick for a triple play guest spot.

  2. wine geek Says:

    I think you should invite Gary Vaynerchuk for the 200th. 😉

  3. KIWIMOFO Says:

    Just given this wine a crack myself and thought I would read up on it whilst I drink it and found your review. Decided to go through the sniff and drink in syncro with you. Agree with the comments – pretty typical GSM from downunder – but much smother than a lot of the more popular GSMs (D’Arenberg Stump Jump, or a Peter Lehman). Anyway – what disappoints me the most of all of this – living in Australia (Im a New Zealander) – we pay $19AUD ($20USD)at our cheapest provider for a wine MADE HERE compared to $14.57 in Costco.
    Agree – it is a great wine for food, although might want to up the Shiraz component a little to cut through the mellow for the Grenache.
    As for Australian for “Smashing” – I would go for ‘Ripper’, or ‘Stonker’ or if you really want to ham up the aussie-ness, then go for ‘Bonza’.

    • jeffisrad Says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Kiwi.
      I’m glad that our palates agree with eachother.
      The next time you’re buying a bunch of wine, why don’t you fly over here, and we’ll hit up CostCo together. 😉
      That would be ripper!

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