The Super Secret Stay Rad TV Bonus Episode

A couple of weeks back, I got together with my ol’ buddy, Nick TheDrummer.

Some of you may remember that he is the guy that made this sweet logo for me…

Stay Rad. A Logo.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may also recall that we were in a punk rock band in high school…

What? You’ve never heard of The Willies?

And if you’ve been really keen on what’s been going down, you may also recall that he tried to steal my Halloween candy from me once.


While hanging out recently, we decided to film an episode of Stay Rad Wine Blog TV.

It started out as a really cool idea…

We pooled together his two video cameras and my iPhone.  We set them up in different areas of the room, pressed record on all of them at the same time, and were set to make a supper slick three angle episode.

It was gonna be epic.


Once we started filming, Nick and I started to ignore the cameras, and really spent the next 42 minutes drinking and telling a bunch of inside jokes.

During the episode, I noticed that one of the cameras shut down.

After we were done filming, it also turned out that my iPhone only recorded the first 8 minutes and the digital audio recorder that we were using ran out of space.

What we were left with was a single camera shot of two old friends hanging out.

While I think you’re going to enjoy some of this, the episode is pretty long and does start to fall apart at the end.

I really like this episode.  I just want you to know what you are getting into before you invest 42 minutes into it, ’cause it is a bit different from the videos I usually do.

Check it out…

Stay Rad,


PS – To those that don’t know, Nick is a pretty badass musician.  Here’s his newest single, “Better Way”…

He also owns and operates a Music and DJ service called Santa Cruz Live Music and DJ.  Check it out!


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4 Responses to “The Super Secret Stay Rad TV Bonus Episode”

  1. Jaaahoooonnn Davis, The Minor Says:

    When I think of Sauv Blanc I now think of your friend, Nick Handley and his yellow-ish Star Classics, and of course SLVJHS.

  2. Al Says:

    OMG!!!! Kewl Super Secret Stay Rad TV Bonus Episode! I started watching. But am running out of time? I know I was forworned. But, couldn’t resist! I’ll for sure get back to it later. Wow, Learned alot on this One I didn’t know!

    Later Jeff, tooltimer
    ( aka ) Al………………………………..Thanks!!!

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