Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 53: GSM and JNYSRS

In the absence of Kara, and in preparation for their two-year wedding anniversary, Jeff pairs a Paso Robles GSM and Jumbo New York Strip Romaine Split…

Wine Tasted:


Trader Joe’s Reserve 2009 Paso Robles GSM

Paired With:


Jumbo New York Strip Romaine Split

Stay Rad,



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8 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 53: GSM and JNYSRS”

  1. wine geek Says:

    Mourvèdre is pronounced like “mourver”, if I may mention it. 🙂

  2. Pecos' girlfriend. Says:

    Hi Jeff long time listener first time caller. I have to step in and give my two cents on the correct pronunciation of Mourvedre. You hit the D harder than expected. French has tricky consonents, and in this case, its more like mOOr-veDre, where you swallow the last R in that classic French way where it sounds like they are choking momentarily on a fish bone.

  3. wine geek Says:

    I’ve checked several original French sources in the meantime, and must admit that Pecos’s girlfriend is right. Long time ago, I heard and memorized the version that I mentioned (without ‘d’ or a very soft ‘d’) but, yes, ‘mOOr-veDre’ is the right pronunciation. (However, ‘mOOr-veDraa’ in the video is definitely wrong too.)

  4. jeffisrad Says:

    Now, I don’t know what to believe. Down is up. Left is right.
    My whole world has been flipped on its ear.
    Thank you Wine Geek and Pecos’ Girlfriend for the lively discussion.
    I think the one thing that we can take from all of this is that I need to work on my pronunciation (Both English and French).
    You should all know that I’m French Canadian on my Mother’s side, but she grew up in a family that pronounced, and hardened, the silent R in her maiden name… So I was kind of set up for this.
    Thanks for watching, guys.

  5. Jeff Eckles (@JeffEckles) Says:

    So it seems as if TJ is kind of a negociant for California wines. Wish I had one here as you always seem to like their juice.

    There are so many awesome food & wine pairings to choose from. Maybe it’s because I am craving it now, but an Albarino or Sancerre with some seared scallops always makes me happy.

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