Japan Fun Time 1.5

After a long night of Karaoke, we decided to take it pretty easy yesterday.

Lib, Kara, and I jumped onto the subway around 12 noon to explore the downtown shopping district of Sakae (pronounced Sock-Eye).  Underneath the streets, it’s like one big mall that goes for miles.  There are tons of shops and eateries.  And dare I say it, there are a lot of people out for a Tuesday.


Under the Streets of Sakae


It goes on like this forever.

Hungry, we stopped into a market and picked up some food to eat on the go…


This is a Karoke. It’s like a breaded and fried potato pancake, but much softer and fatter than a latke.

Once we reached the surface streets, we spotted the Nagoya TV Tower…


The Nagoya TV Tower

There’s a beer garden underneath the tower, so we were all like, “Why not?”


Beer Garden


Why Not?

From the top of the tower, you get a neat perspective on how big Nagoya is…


Nagoya is home to some 6 million people.


At its fattest distance, the city is 70 miles across.

At the top of the tower, we Yumi Katsura Lover’s Sanctuary…


Lover’s Sanctuary

On the way back from Sakae, we stopped by the convenience store to pick up some snacks…


Calbee Tomato Soup Chips and The Premium Malts by Suntory

Later that evening, we headed out to the Nagoya Dome to catch a baseball game between the Nagoya Dragons and the Osaka Tigers…


On the way to the Nagoya Dome.


Nagoya Dome


At the game, they sell Chu-Hi made with Shochu, soda, and a lemon popsicle that you float in your drink. Very tasty.


The cheering section. Go Chunichi Dragons!


The Dragons Won!

On the way out of the stadium, I kept running in to Doala (the Dragon/Koala)…


Here he is, riding a baseball.


I’m not sure what he’s doing here.

The last stop of the night was Aim E. and PB’s favorite local ramen shop…


The Motoyama Go Go Ramen Shop


Here, you order your ramen in a machine. It spits out a ticket, and they cook your ramen while you wait to be seated. Hella efficient.


First, Sapporo.


Then comes the ramen. This one was spicy with chunks of pork and a hard-boiled quail egg on top. I hate hard-boiled eggs, but I ate mine anyway.

This ramen was the bomb!


Complete with tissues for your runny nose. This is the good stuff.

This place does something really cool with their ramen.

When you’ve eaten all of the noodles, you can make risotto with the left over broth.


First you pour it into a ceramic cooking dish and place it on a hot plate…


Then you add rice…


And cheese…


Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck would be proud.

And with that, we faded into one collective food coma and turned in for the night…

Stay Rad,


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