Japan Fun Time 1.3

After I wrote the last installment of Japan Fun Time, we put on our shoes and headed out to see what the city of Nagoya had to offer.


In Japan, you got’s ta leave your shoes at the door.

It’s a quick walk from Aim E. and PB’s apartment to the subway station…


The Streets of Nagoya

We got a day pass for 720 yen and hopped on board…


The Subway

In about 10 minutes, we were at Nagoya Castle…


This Way

Upon entry, we were greeted by a real samurai…


I’m not sure if he was posing, or threatening to beat me up… I just took the picture and ran.

Once inside the gates, we headed over to the tea house to do the tea ceremony…


Tea House


Our server said she liked my authentic Japanese accent.  “A-ri-ga-to Go-zai-ma Su”


Some hard core matcha tea and a dessert.

After our tea, we got to pour some water over some rocks, and they made a cool sound…


Listen Close

As we walked closer to the tower, we were greeted by Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu…


Oh Lord

After a few twists and turns, we approached the tower…


The Tower


The Tower Part II


The rocks that were used to build the tower were chiseled by hand.

Inside of the tower is a cool museum, but you’re not really allowed to take pictures in there.

I did snap this next one from the top of the tower…


The City of Nagoya

After visiting the Nagoya Castle, we jumped back on the subway…


The Subway

We got out in the Osu Kannon shopping district…


You know you’re there when you see a big Oni (devil) on the side of a building…


Or when you see a bunch of people in a place that looks like an outdoor mall…


Yup… We made it.

While there, I had my favorite street food so far in Japan…



Okanamiyaki is a savory pancake with cabbage and pork.  Usually, I am told, it is flat, and all the stuff is mixed into the pancake.

This one was more like a deconstructed okanamiyaki sandwich.

It was so good, I ordered another one…


Our server was so stoked that I ordered a second one, she made it all nice and fat for me.

I could get used to this place.

Stay Rad,



3 Responses to “Japan Fun Time 1.3”

  1. Auntie beth Says:

    Hey Jeffers, we are really enjoying your travel blog. We may have to send you on additional travels.

  2. Jeff Eckles (@JeffEckles) Says:

    Yeah, pancakes + cabbage + pork….seriously, that sounds delicious!

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