Matt Cain and the Perfect Game

Stop what you’re doing.


It’s what you must do when history is in the making.

It’s what you must do when history has been made.




Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants

In the 130 years of the franchise, no Giants player has ever pitched a perfect game.

Tonight, Matt Cain made history.

Tonight, Matt Cain faced 27 batters over 9 innings.

Tonight, none of those 27 batters reached first base.

No hits.

No walks.

No nothin’.

Tonight, Matt Cain pitched a perfect game.


He didn’t do it alone.

What’s a perfect wine without bread and cheese?


Cheese. Bread.

What’s a perfect game without perfect plays?

Gregor Blanco and the Perfect Catch

Tonight, everything came together.

Tonight, there was balance.

Tonight, Matt Cain was the Ridge 2001 Monte Bello…


Ridge 2001 Monte Bello

Tonight, Matt Cain was perfect.

Perfect. Cain.

Stay Rad,



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4 Responses to “Matt Cain and the Perfect Game”

  1. mike Says:

    Tonight, did you catch that Oakland A’s game at Coors field? Good game 🙂

  2. the drunken cyclist Says:

    Just when I started to like your blog, you turn out to be a Giants fan. If I see a post about the ‘Niners’ I’m not sure what will happen….

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