Sparkling Merlot, Yo!


The other night, Kara and I hung out with our ol’ buddy John Terra Savia…

But you already knew that.

John sells wine for Terra Savia…

But you already knew that.

What you may not know is that Terra Savia, along with making some great Cabernet Sauvignon, makes a sparkling wine from 100% Merlot.

Have you ever had a Merlot-based sparkling wine?

I haven’t…

Until John let us sample some…


Terra Savia 2010 Brut Rouge well chilled with an edemame salad. Perfect for a hot day.

Color: Dull copper/salmon pink.

Nose: Up front, the aroma is unmistakably that of strawberries.  Squeeze in a little bit of lime.  Pour it over a slice of brioche.  This wine has a great nose.

Taste: Fruit flavors of peach and tangerine mixed with yeast.  There is a big, long acid finish, sprinkled with mineral flavors.

Score: This is THEE wine to have on a hot day.  Refreshing and complex.  Give it a 90+, and enjoy.

Stay Rad,



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5 Responses to “Sparkling Merlot, Yo!”

  1. Martin D. Redmond Says:

    Nice post. You know I love me some sparklers! I’m gonna miss the Ridge thing tomorrow. Looking forward to your post about it! Enjoy!

  2. Jeff Eckles (@JeffEckles) Says:

    I haven’t had a Merlot Rose in years, may have to check this one out.

  3. pecos3779 Says:

    Thanks Duder! Glad you liked it! In case anyone wants to try some they can find it at all Lunardi’s Markets, Savvy Cellar in Mountain View, Grapevine Wine Bar in Willow Glen, or at

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