The First Ever Stay Rad Free Stuff Giveaway!


A little while back, I did a series of videos about the Wine Shield.

It’s a neat little closure system that allows you to keep your wine fresh without the use of a stopper.  According to them, it can prevent wine oxidation for up to 5 days.

If you want to see how it works, check out this episode of Stay Rad Wine Blog TV…

If you want to see my results, check out this…

And this…


I like the Wine Shield.

I like it a lot.

I could talk about it all day, but really… The best way to learn about a product is to try it for yourself.

That’s where the First Ever Stay Rad Free Stuff Giveaway comes in to play…

The other day, the fine folks at Wine Shield contacted me to see if I wanted to give away some samples of their fine product to my fine readers.

I was all like, “Hell to the yeah, foo!”

A few days later, look what showed up on my doorstep…


136 Wine Shields. That's good for up to 680 days of freshness! That's like 16,320 hours, foo!

So here’s what we’re gonna do…

I’m gonna break this schwag up and send it to three of my readers.

One of you is gonna get a 12 pack.

Another is gonna get two 12 packs.

The Grand Prize winner is gonna get the Family Sized 100 pack of Wine Shields.

“But, Jeff… What do I have to do to enter the First Ever Stay Rad Free Stuff Giveaway?”

It’s quite simple.  Just do one (or all) of the following things.

1. “Like” the Stay Rad Wine Blog Facebook page.  You can do this from the homepage of  Next, go to the Stay Rad Facebook page and leave a comment, telling me what your favorite post or episode on Stay Rad is.  You can reach the Facebook page here.

2. Follow @JeffIsRad on Twitter.  You can do this from the homepage of  Tweet me @JeffIsRad, telling me what your favorite post or episode on Stay Rad is.

3. Leave a comment below this post, telling me what your favorite post or episode on Stay Rad is.


I told you it was easy.

I will pick three winners and contact them after Saturday, April 7th, 2012.

Good luck y’all!

Stay Rad,



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13 Responses to “The First Ever Stay Rad Free Stuff Giveaway!”

  1. Keith from Gilroy Says:

    I’d say my three favorite episodes of Stay Rad are the one with Dave the Vegetarian, the one with your dad, and your first blind tasting (the one where you weren’t even close). The way you poured that head of Guiness is a close contender as well. Keep up the good work. PS I love free stuff (hint hint)

  2. Jonathan Hedstrom (@jhedstro) Says:

    I liked your Kirkland beer review, and also your wine review where you broke out a burger. Plus, I ended up getting one of the wines at trader joe’s you reviewed–I forget which one, but it was delicious.

  3. Hank Says:

    I follow jeffisrad. He ain’t. I like none of your blogs save those unwrit. I would love to do a guest review of this thingamagie. Save me three.

  4. jeremy duterte Says:

    1) wine in a blender 2) Bubbly cork malfunction and 3) the totally manly taste off with Dave. Thats my 3. And as a bonus episode we can call it the Jeff admits he is a victim of domestic violence when he almost spills on Kara’s new placemats.

  5. Marcello Buonarroti Says:

    No, this is not easy. In order to leave a tweet,I must create an account which I do not care to do. You suckered me into Facebook last year. Not fair! I love wine and hate social networking. So I guess I can’t enjoy the wine shields.

    • jeffisrad Says:

      Marcello, I think you must have glazed over option 3. I am certain even you can figure it out.
      Never give up!

    • D'Arnold Says:

      Hey Marcello – Let’s start a club where we drink wine, eat pizza, and leave the networking to the birds! Let me know when the pizza oven is in place and we’ll get the first date on the books.

  6. D'Arnold Says:

    Like Marcello, I am tweet and myspace free, but because I love free stuff, I’m going to let you know my favorite posts.

    Drum roll please…

    Now THAT’S Italian! – Did I mention my dad always tells me that Italians invented wine? That coupled with the fact that Italian products are superior makes this selection a no-brainer. Plus, that Cerviolo was amazing and I still have a headache.

    I also love any post that sticks with me and makes me want to scope out the wine. Aver and Sarah’s vineyards come to mind and joining Ridge is on my bucket list.

    Italians also invented free stuff…hint hint.



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