Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 23: Bubbles by Request

In this episode, Jeff reviews some bubbles in honor of JDR.  Enjoy…

Wine Tasted in this Episode:

Trader Joe’s Reserve NV North Coast Brut

Stay Rad,


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10 Responses to “Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 23: Bubbles by Request”

  1. jeffeckles Says:

    Whooops! That was pretty funny. Of all the times for it to bubble over. Have you tried Gruet yet? If you see it I would recommend a bottle. I know sparkling wine from New Mexico may sound strange, but it’s totally worth it.

  2. John Says:

    Whoever you are, you need a new hobby. Prefurably one without mindless, child-like videos obviously created to seek attention, which you are clearly calling out for.

  3. JDR (@jellederoeck) Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    so cool you actually tasted some bubbles!
    I completely agree that bubbles are meant to be combined with food. So delicious and fun as a drink!

    Thanks & Cheers,

  4. jonnybrandy Says:

    my favorite go to prosecco is Bisol… amazing stuff

  5. jeremy Says:

    Why are you so afraid of this Kara. She sounds like a lovely person always bringing you blind wines to taste and letting you take notes and pictures while your out together.
    But I couldnt help but notice that you have this look on your face like spousal abuse victim when you bubbled over that is really quite alarming.You also have had the same expression when you spilled in the blender aeration experiment and again when Kara got new place mats. If this true and you do need help getting to a shelter, on your next video at the beginning please blink rapidly 5 times. Spousal husband abuse is real and nothing to be ashamed of. You can get help.

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