Baby Showers and Brewskis

Kara and I hit up a baby shower last weekend near Sacramento.

Check out the art I made with some left-over clothespins from one of the games…

Lincoln Logs in the Ghetto

On the way back from the baby shower, we stopped by the Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek with some friends for dinner.

The restaurant was fairly packed, so we decided to get a drink in the bar while we waited for our table.

The Bar at the Alehouse

The four of us split a pitcher of the Draught Pale Ale…

Pyramid Draught Pale Ale

For a pale ale, this bad boy was amber in color.  The beer had a medium head.  It had a clean aroma and flavor.  The palate was quite malty.  There was not so much as a hint of hops to it.

The beer was okay, just not what I expected.

Score: 3 (out of 5) bottle caps

We finished up the pitcher…

Where'd it all go?

And were promptly seated… behind the bar.

The view from out table behind the bar.

We ordered up another round…

A view through the brew...

And I got myself the Black and Blue Burger…

You gots ta order it medium, foo.

The burger was covered with cajun spices, smothered with crumbled blue cheese, and topped with a scattering of shoe string onions…


Kara ordered some sweet potato fries with curry.  I could not help but dip each of my fries into her curry sauce.

Super dope!

The food at the Pyramid Alehouse was pretty good.  I just wish the beer was better…

You know what I’m sayin, baby.

Stay Rad,



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