Visions of Snow and Pho

No wine today, folks.

I’m still battling this head cold.

I have been sucking down this beverage a lot, lately…


TheraFlu Foo

As bad as I’ve been feeling lately, I would normally call in sick… but it’s finals week.  I cannot let my students take a test this big, without being there to clarify any questions they may have along the way.

You’d think that just giving a test is easy, as far as work goes… But it ain’t.

There is nothing more boring than watching a class full of students taking a final.  Four hours of it (for three days straight) is torturous.

The nice part is that you do get a little bit of a chance to daydream…

With Christmas break right around the corner,  you’d think I’d be dreaming about all things winter.





But not me…

Starting about 9:30 this morning, my stuffed up head was focussed on just one thing.

One thing to cure me.

One thing to nourish.

One thing to give me comfort.

Of course, I’m talking about Pho.

Pronounced “Fuh”, it’s a traditional beef noodle soup originating from Vietnam.

It’s a spicy and soothing, brothy treat, sure to clear up your sinuses and warm you up from the inside out.

After my last final of the day, I hopped into my car and headed straight over to the newest (and closest) pho shop in Morgan Hill…

Simmering Pho Cafe

I ordered this bad boy to go…


Beef broth with thinly sliced raw steak, rice noodles, sprouts, basil, jalepenos, hoisin sauce, sriracha, and a twist of lime.

The only problem when ordering pho to go… finding a bowl large enough to hold everything.


I mixed this goodness up in a Pyrex glass bowl.

By the time I finished my gallon of goodness, my nose was hella clear.


No, pho... Thank you!

Now that I’m feeling a little better, it’s time to listen to some Bob Dylan, and take a nap…

Stay Rad,



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2 Responses to “Visions of Snow and Pho”

  1. Marcello Buonarotti Says:

    Dude, didn’t I teach you anything? A can of menudo with the juice of half a lemon and some hot pepper flakes will slap the snot out of your snot.

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