Still Wine at Bubbles

You know I like Bubbles Wine Bar in Morgan Hill… I wrote about it here.


It’s Friday, again, and time to unwind.

What better way, than to travel a whole mile and a half to our favorite local wine bar for drinks and small plates?

As alway, I got myself a flight…

Bold and Beautiful: Xiloca Garnacha, Carol Shelton "Monga" Zinfandel, and Coterie Cellars Syrah... It's not bubbles, but it's Still Wine.

Here’s how it went down…

Xiloca Garnacha ($6 per glass)

Color: It’s dark… You see the picture.

Nose: Tires and mint.

Taste: Earthy notes with hints of clove and spice.

Score: Not bad… 87

Carol Shelton “Monga” Old Vines Zinfandel ($8 per glass)

Color: Look… It’s dark… Haven’t you seen the picture?

Nose: Sugary and buttery with bright red fruit.

Taste: Buttery oak.  Red fruit.  Nice round tannins with a medium long finish.

Score: Not badder… 87+

Coterie Cellars Syrah ($12)

Color: What’s your problem, dude?  It’s dark… Check the photo!

Nose: Tight.  Not much going on.  There is a touch of chalk (which I always love), but not enough to drive me bonkers.

Taste: This wine is DRY.  Dry cranberry.  Dry raspberry.

Score: Meh… Not a big fan.  It’s okay… 86.

Now look…

The wines I tried were not that great tonight, but what do you want?  They can’t all be gems.

But with food like this…

Ahi Tower with mango, avocado, crispy won ton chips, and a red wine reduction.

How can you complain?

Stay Rad,



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5 Responses to “Still Wine at Bubbles”

  1. jeffeckles Says:

    Whoa, that Ahi tower looks amazing, and those wines, they look SO DARK. 😉

  2. jeremy duterte Says:

    they might be dark but they’re so well spoken…..those wines are going somewhere

  3. Sylvia Myrvold Says:

    Hi Jeff, I’m trying to put together a small write up on Bubbles for Out & About Magazine and am having trouble finding any food images. Can I use the image you have here? I don’t have a budget for art for this, just trying to get something nice to help out.

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