K.I.S.S. – A lesson from Gordon Ramsay and Girls

I’ve been thinking a lot about Girls lately.


That doesn’t sound right.

Let’s start over…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my old friend, JR, lately.  He’s in a band called Girls.

JR. Christopher. Girls.

Girls is an amazingly complex band.  At the same time, they are all about the simple things in life.



Rock and Roll.





It’s that simple.

Their first album is called, “Album”.

It’s that complex.

A few days ago, my buddy G-Rat shared an article on Facebook that he found on Eater.com.  It was an interview with JR (who was at one time a chef) about similarities between music and food.  The interview, to me, circled around one common theme.


When asked about what he learned during his time as a chef, JR spoke of simplicity.

“If you have a couscous and want to put salt-cured olives in it, you don’t want an overwhelming amount of the olives so that the bites that do have olive say something. If you’re going to put parsley in it, chop it big so they can taste it. Maintain the excitement.”

So complex.

So simple.

When asked about the type of restaurant that he would want to open up in the future, he hammered the point home.

“Whatever it would be, it wouldn’t be fine dining. It would be rustic, simple, the kind of stuff I’ve made my whole life.”

So simple.

So right on.

That article, obviously, got me thinking about food.

The article also got me thinking about TV.

Reality TV.

Of all the reality shows on TV, my favorites involve food.

Since Gordon Ramsay stars in 500 reality TV shows, I can’t help but think of him.

One of his shows is called Kitchen Nightmares.  On the show, Chef Ramsay visits restaurants that need a little help getting back on their feet.

It seems like every time he helps out a restaurant, the theme of simplicity comes into play.

Make the menu simple.

Clean up the dining area to make it simple and elegant.

And the food.

Make the food with passion.

Plate the food with love.

Always use simple, fresh ingredients.





With that in mind, here’s what I had for breakfast today…









English muffin.

Simply delicious.

In the complex world of wine, we get so wound up with the minutia of it all that it gets overwhelming.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Wine can be simple.

Sugar (from the grapes) + Yeast = Alcohol + Carbon Dioxide

That’s it.

It’s simple.

I’m going to a party tonight.

I will bring some wine.

And I will keep it simple.

Red Splash 2007 Red Wine. Simple.






Stay Rad,


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