The Last Stanza

Kara is on fire!

The other night I was feeling lazy, so she decided to pick up some wine and whip up some dinner for me.

What a bad ass!

Stanza 2008 Chardonnay

She came back from BevMo with the Stanza 2008 Chardonnay.  Right now, this Lodi wine is on sale at BevMo for $10.71… so it will probably sell for $10.99 when the sale is over.  Wilfred Wong gave the ’09 vintage of this a 91 (Surprise!  Surprise!).  Here’s my take…

Scope the juice, homie.

Color: Golden to light straw.

Nose: Pineapple with a touch of creamy oak.  The nose is dominated by the fruit.  Nice.

Taste: Medium in body, this wine is a nice blend of pineapple and honeysuckle.  A good balance of acidity and richness up front, with a clean finish of stone minerality.

Score: Stanza is one of those labels that BevMo is always trying to push on its consumers.  You know, the stuff that is always on sale.  The stuff that is always open for tasting on Saturdays.  The stuff that Wilfred Wong always scores 90 and above.  Normally, I try to avoid these wines, but I’m glad that Kara picked it up.  This is a very nice wine.  At the price, this guy is perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.  Score it an 86+, and do not avoid it.

Thank you, Kara.

Oh yeah… And there was also dinner…

Veggie meat and dill yogurt cabbage wraps and a soy bean and rice salad. Rad!

Thanks again, Kara.

Stay Rad,



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4 Responses to “The Last Stanza”

  1. enotecaMarcella Says:

    That rice salad looks really good!

  2. jdbigworm Says:

    “……with a clean finish of stone minerality” What?? Seriously?!!? Are you a Rockbiter?

  3. jeffisrad Says:

    @Marcy You just made Kara’s day.

    @Jeremy I used to take stones from the lake, but The Nothing took it away.

    Thanks for reading, y’all.

    Stay Rad,

  4. jdbigworm Says:

    explains your hunger for Chalk

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